Meaningful Memorialization provides Healing and Reflection

Some of the toughest days of grief come long after the services are over.  A place to reflect and tangible tributes can help soothe the hurt and facilitate healing in the weeks, months and years to come.  There are a variety of meaningful options for reflection and memorialization, whether you choose burial or cremation. These personalized options are designed to honor the life of your loved one and provide ongoing comfort.

Placing your loved in a cemetery, whether in a casket or an urn, is one way to ensure you have a meaningful place to visit and reflect. In addition to traditional ground burials, many cemeteries offer above-ground interment in a mausoleum crypt (caskets) or a columbarium niche (urns). Some cemeteries also have scattering gardens for dispersing cremated remains.  

Choosing not to place your loved one in a cemetery, in no way prevents you from selecting a special place to reflect.  Many find comfort in having their loved one’s cremated remains at home, while others choose to have them scattered at sea or over a natural outdoor landscape.  (The State of California allows for each of these options, subject to unique criteria our funeral arranger can explain to you.)  For those keeping their loved one at home, that place for reflection is simple. When scattering is chosen, we encourage you to identify a location that carried special meaning for your loved one—a favorite restaurant, park, or your flower garden. Regardless of where it is, the conscious act of identifying it as your special place will give it greater meaning and contribute to its healing value.

Let us create a lasting virtual tribute where family and friends can offer condolences, share stories, upload photos and videos of your loved one, view obituary and service information, and order flowers. Your loved one’s memorial site is permanent, allowing you to return and reflect whenever you wish.

The loss of your loved one has traditionally meant the loss of family history and the option for medical testing which allows doctors to assess the probability of risk for certain diseases.  Because post mortem DNA takes specialized expertise to process and test, most major ancestry testing companies cannot process it.  We have partnered with DNA Memorial to provide for the procurement of post mortem DNA samples that they can clean and process so it can be tested for ancestry and medical purposes.  Once processed, DNA Memorial offers a handcrafted keepsake with the DNA incorporated into the product. It is then placed inside a sealed, sterile vial with content identification and will remain viable for testing indefinitely if simple care guidelines are followed. We are grateful to be able to offer this unique service to you.

We understand that selecting a grave marker can sometimes seem overwhelming. It can be difficult because of the emotional nature of it and the many options to choose from. Let us guide you through the process. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you end up with a memorial that is meaningful and symbolic of the life it honors.  Our full range of options—from design (simple to full customization) to granite color, size and style—allow us to work with all budgets and serve all cemeteries, cultures, and faiths.

Some cemeteries offer Memorial Walls on which you may have the name of your loved one inscribed if you choose to scatter their cremated remains or have them interred at a distant location.  Alternatively, if you own a grave that you do not intend to use, you may place a personalized Cenotaph (a monument or marker dedicated to someone buried elsewhere) on that grave as a means of permanent memorialization. Both of these options offer the combined benefit of a place to reflect. We would be honored to assist you in arranging  either one of these memorials.

As the name suggests, garden memorial stones are small, engraved markers that usually contain the name, dates and an epitaph honoring your loved one.  These can be meaningful even when you loved one is buried and memorialized in a cemetery.  We offer these stones in granite.

We offer a unique line of keepsake jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, dog tags and pocketknives. These items may be customized with the fingerprint, signature, photo, or birthstone of your loved one, and they may be selected with OR without a chamber for storing a portion of cremated remains.

We also offer an extensive line of memorial keepsake jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, dog tags, a money clip and cuff links. Some items can be personalized with engraving, but all have a chamber for storing a portion of cremated remains.

Urns come in a great variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and designs. An urn can be a simply constructed wooden box, a fully custom 3D printed masterpiece, or anything in between.  Most urns can be personalized with engraving.  We have access to most any kind of urn you desire.

Like there full-size counterparts, keepsake urns come in large variety.  They are ideal for separating the cremated remains when multiple members of your family would like to have a portion, or for retaining a small portion of cremated remains when the balance is to be scattered.  They also make a perfect vessel for holding a lock of hair when burial is chosen.

  • Tattoos – A small amount of cremated remains can be mixed with ink and tattooed into the skin as a physical and highly personalized reminder of your loved one.
  • Diamonds – Turning cremated remains into a diamond is a timeless method to memorialize your loved one. Cremation diamonds are an eternal and physical reminder that often becomes a cherished family heirloom.
  • Coral Reef – If your loved one was a fan of the ocean, their cremated remains can be mixed with concrete to form an environmentally-friendly marine reef that also doubles as a permanent water memorial.
  • Space –Launch your loved one’s remains into space for an incomparable (and pricey) final adventure. Cremated remains can be transported into lunar orbit or deep space to create an everlasting celestial memorial.

If you would like more information regarding these meaningful memorialization options, click the button below and we will set up a time to discuss it with you.