Personal and Meaningful

We believe in honoring your loved one through a ceremony or celebration that is personal and provides a healing experience to family and friends. A ceremony, tailored to the life and legacy of your loved one, is an especially meaningful way to honor and celebrate their life, whether you choose burial or cremation. 

From traditional ceremonies to unique celebrations, we prioritize helping you plan the perfect event.

Personalizing a Celebration

The purpose of a funeral ceremony is to provide a way of commemorating a life and bringing together family and friends. Personalization not only celebrates your loved one’s individuality; it allows family and friends to feel more connected to them.  We aim for our celebrations to be a time to share memories and remember your loved one through music, stories, video tribute and other means to capture the nature of their spirit.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a celebration is that it should be reflective of your loved one. While religious elements may play a part, it should also include stories about the person’s life that help everyone recapture and revisit their own memories. Sometimes this is best accomplished by having family members or friends share their reflections as part of the service. There is nothing wrong with telling funny stories about the person who died. While a funeral recognizes the sad event of a death, humor can make past memories more vivid.

Designing Your Ceremony

There is no “wrong” way to honor the life and celebrate the legacy of your loved one. Whether formal or informal, religious or secular, traditional or totally unique, the ceremony should capture the true essence of who your loved one was.  

Celebrations may take place in any setting—our Celebration Center, a church, private venue, the cemetery, your home, or even outdoors at the beach, a park, the mountains, or a golf course—wherever it feels right to you!

Unique celebrations may include the display of your loved one’s favorite things such as their wood carvings, golf clubs, private art or other collection, or even their motorcycle. You can invite guests to wear your loved one’s favorite team jersey or serve their favorite ice cream.  The options are limitless. We look forward to helping you create something special.

Our staff is knowledgeable in all faith traditions and customs, allowing us to handle the appropriate preparations with attention and care. If you are not affiliated with a faith community, we can recommend a certified funeral celebrant to preside over your ceremony. You may also opt to have a family member or friend lead the service.

Other Enhancements

You can also increase the emotional impact of a ceremony through enhancements such as music, photos, and printed materials.

  • Music is powerful. Consider having your loved one’s favorite playing in the background before and after the ceremony or during the reception. Special songs may also be played or performed as a component of the ceremony.  If desired, we can arrange for special musicians to participate, such as a harpist, bagpiper, a mariachis.
  • Photos capture those special moments. Bring your collages to display for everyone to see.  We can also convert your favorite photo into a beautiful 16 x 20 canvas portrait, which can serve as a focal point during the ceremony.  
  • Video slideshows are especially meaningful parts of a funeral ceremony or celebration of life. We can create a wonderful tribute using your photos or play a slideshow that is created by your family.
  • Personalized printing of memorial stationery offers a permanent remembrance for those attending a service. We also offer customized register books, bookmarks and acknowledgement cards to remember your guests and recognize their support.
  • Live Funeral Webcasting allows family and friends to be a part of your celebration when distance or other factors might otherwise prevent it.  The ceremony can also be recorded for delayed viewing or to be kept as a permanent keepsake.