A traditional choice for a permanent resting place

Today there are more options than ever on how to celebrate a life lived. Choosing burial as your final disposition allows you to have a final resting place with options for a personal celebration. We believe that no two people are alike and no two services should be either.

Personalized Burial Services

Many are turning to unique, personalized ways of honoring a life lived. A personalized celebration gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories, and it aids in the grieving process. We offer many ways to help you Honor and Celebrate (insert link) your loved one’s life.

Funeral Ceremony

Whether traditional or contemporary in nature, burial services generally include the following:

  • Visitation (may be public or private, with or without viewing)
  • Funeral ceremony
  • Burial of your loved one at the cemetery (may be public or private)
  • Reception

The location of the funeral ceremony and reception are of your choosing. We will go over available options during the arrangement process.

Graveside Ceremony

A graveside ceremony generally occurs at the gravesite within your chosen cemetery. It can follow a funeral ceremony, precede it, or it can be held as the only service event. Graveside services are often held as private gatherings of only close family and friends.

The Value of a Viewing

Whether or not an open casket is part of the celebration is an individual family choice. The main reason we have any “viewing” is because it allows people to have a physical presence to focus on when saying their goodbyes. Since most people are visually inclined by nature, seeing the person makes the death seem more “real” and allows them to begin the grieving process.  Because experience suggests it can play a significant role in the healing process, we encourage families to consider at least a private viewing for those family members that desire it.

Permanent Memorialization

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