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  • When a Death Occurs

    When a Death Occurs

    When a death occurs, the order in which things need to be done often depends on where the death occurred. That's why we suggest that you ask a friend for help - someone who is more able to think clearly, and give you the support you need.

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  • Funeral Etiquette

    Funeral Etiquette

    Accepted customs of dress and behavior in a funeral have changed over time, but courtesy never goes out of style. Here's what we'd like you to know about funeral etiquette.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You'll find the answers to some of the most common questions relating to the value of a funeral, or memorial service, the practices of funeral service and funeral home operation.

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  • Social Security

    Social Security

    When a loved one dies, it is wise to contact Social Security as soon as possible. They should be aware of the death in order to stop any further automatic payments. Be aware that you may have to return a payment that is made. The funeral home will also be notifying Social Security of the death.

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  • Veteran's Affairs

    Veteran's Affairs

    Survivors of any person who was an active or retired member of the military at time of death, or an honorably discharged veteran, could be eligible for a number of benefits. (A copy of the veteran's discharge papers is required.)

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  • Settling an Estate

    Settling an Estate

    Many things must be addressed following a death. Among them is the process of paying debts and distributing the assets of the deceased, or "settling the estate." The state Probate Code is very specific in outlining how an estate must be settled.

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  • Related Links

    Related Links

    Here you will find different links to local businesses that provide helpful products and services.

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  • Forms


    We provide these forms so that our client families have easy access to some of the paperwork involved in making funeral or cremation arrangements. It is our goal to ease the way for anyone faced with the emotionally-overwhelming tasks involved in caring for their loved one.

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  • Memorial Products

    Memorial Products

    White Emerson Mortuary is proud to offer our families the finest in cremation and burial products. We invite you to review our selection prior to meeting with a member of our staff for the arrangement conference.

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